Our Mission

About Us

Who Are We

In the digital learning and measurement and evaluation market that has grown with the pandemic, we are developing the solutions that our country needs at the same time with the world, with domestic and national opportunities.

Our goal is to promote and sell these products to the whole world.

Our company, which operates only in the field of educational technologies with a software team of 30 people, uses 100% domestic capital.

In order to ensure world standards in the products we develop, we regularly provide the certification processes of the IMS Global consortium.

On education; To provide added value to both the trainer and the trainee by creating fast, dynamic, quality solutions in order to keep up with the current and future conditions of the developing and constantly changing digital world, technology, and ensuring that the exams in our country and the world are safer than face-to-face exams in the sector, and the globalization of certificates.

Our Vision

To be a worldwide brand with our innovative, advanced and principled attitude.