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Customized Learning for individual career goals

This journey starts with determining the readiness level of the Learner with an adaptive Test, continues with training compatible with the readiness level of theLearner, assignments and projects, mentorship, live lessons, and finally the acquisition of badges and certificates.

Benefits of Individual Learning

Individual Learning

Learning Paths

Create your own curriculum and customize individual Learning paths

Online Learning

Adaptive Test

Adaptive Test model based on user's proficiency


Mentorship Support

Mentoring support is provided to support the candidate and to make the programme more effective.

Individual Learning

AI Based Safe Education

Artificial intelligence-based security features can be added to the training by the program administrator.


Badge and Certification Support

System helps candidates prove their proficiency by adding badges and certificates to programs.

Train yourself at your own pace

AI Based Safe Education

Artificial intelligence-based security features can be added to the training optionally by the program administrator. The program manager can easily access the photos taken during the training, video recordings, screen video of the candidate and violations.

  • Profil/ID Comparison
  • Phone Usage Detection
  • Video Recording
  • Second Person Detection
  • Records of the Candidate’s Screen
  • Detection of Leaving the training area
Solution Frame

Badge and Certificate

Earn Badges and Certificates

Candidates can earn a certificate or badge by completing the curriculum completely and reaching the determined success rate.

Qulak Education Wallet

Thanks to Qulak Badge Wallet app, candidates can store, view and share the certificates and badges they have earned.


Verify the authenticity of badges and certifications utilizing the blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Learning refers to a self-directed, self-paced approach to Learningand development.
You can start by identifying areas you want to improve, researching and selecting Learningresources,setting goals, and creating a schedule for your Learning.
Traditional Learningis often structured and teacher-led, while individual LearningTraditional is self-directed and focused on personal growth and development.
Learning can be highly effective when approached with motivation, discipline, and a plan. The results depend on the individual's effort and commitment to their Learning.