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Real-Time Tracking and Live

You can make real-time monitoring and livebroadcasts anywhere at any time.

Live Stream Features

Real-time monitoring is instant monitoring and recording of On the live broadcast, you can have mutual conversations.

Live Stream

Real-Time Tracking

You can review artificial intelligence reports with real-time tracking.

Remote Management

It is the management of remote devices and users through internet connection. You can benefit from remote management, monitoring the performance of devices and users, speaking, sending messages, and locking the screen.

Easy Live Stream
Live Stream

Mentor and Live Stream

Live mentor streams are mentoring streams made by mentors in real time. These publications provide one-on-one support to users.

Live Stream

Remote Management

Interview with the Candidate

Live conversation and messaging with the examining candidate.

Checking the Candidate Screen

It is the ability to monitor candidate screens remotely.

Candidate Desktop and Screen Recording

It is the recording of candidate screens.

Artificial Intelligence Analysis

Seeing the detection of artificial intelligence violations at the time of the


  • Voice talk to the candidate

    It is a term used in the sense of speaking out loud to the candidate. Speaking aloud can help candidates resolve problems that may arise during the exam faster and ensure that the exam is conducted more fairly.

  • Chat with the candidate

    It is a term used in the sense of chatting with the candidate. Conversation can help candidates resolve problems that may arise during the more quickly and ensure that the is conducted more fairly.

  • Artificial Intelligence Analysis

    During the exam exam, the candidate's Phone Usage, Multiple Person Detection, Blank Screen violation detections are made and reports.

  • It is a term used in the sense of watching the candidate's screen. This method aims to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the by watching the screens of the candidates during the online

  • Candidate Screen Recording and Live View

    It keeps the records of the candidate during the andallows her to make a live interview.

  • Instant Analysis

    It is a method that aims to analyze violations at the time of the