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Online Assesment

Identify subject acquisition-based deficiencies

exam can obtain the results of the exam made by the administrator quickly and accurately. They willbe able to identify general subject-outcome-based deficiencies.Thanks to the detailed exam result report, the exam -taker can see his/her own level and performance .

Benefits of Assessments


Adjustable Exxam Parameters

The tool allows to self-configure custom assessment scenarios based on (advanced) specific parameters

Online Assesment

Adaptive Assessment

It ensures that the trainee's level is measured in a standardized way by analyzing their knowledge and competence level for the training


Wide Choice of Question Types

Have access to 20+ broad question types


Offline and Online Assessment

The tool enables conducting both Offline and online assessments


The tool enables conducting both Offline and online assessments

After the exam, the -taker finishes the exam ,his/her score is calculated automatically.

What advantages do we have for the user?

Advantages of Assessment Solution

assessment solution facilitates integrity. It provides a reliable experience for the -taker throughout the entire process from start to finish.

  • All in one platform
  • AI-integrated
  • Integrated With The Corporate Structure
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Easy Integration
  • Ready For Legal Processes
Solution Frame
Solution Frame

Evaluation and Follow-up Stages

Test Sessions Comparison Sessions

We can find all logs and person comparisons kept within Sessions

Examine Candidate ID Photos

Candidate ID and profile photo Artificial Intelligence Comparison Result detects whether they are thesame person.

Testlog Check

You can access the full contents of the examination session records here.diary sessions is provided here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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With the help of AI integration, students' activities are monitored during the exam.with the help of AI integration.
Performance measurements are important to help learners track their progress and improve. They also help evaluate the effectiveness of the training programme or provide feedback to students. Whether or not the student succeeds depends on performance measurements. track their progress and improve. They also help to evaluatethe effectiveness of the training program,o give feedback to s. whether the pass or fail is also based on the performance metrics .
Learners will receive their report cards in their email inboxes automatically
Evaluates in the automatic score calculation method.
Learner performance results are calculated automatically by the automated grading tool