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It helps your institution to supervise in the safest way.

The integrity of the assessments is one of the significant concerns of organizations. Our AI-powered Proctoring Solution enables intelligent monitoring of the assessments with features like violation analysis encompassing all possible violations during the assessment, such as changing tabs, using a mobile phone, leaving the room, or another person's presence.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Supported Surveillance Proctoring

Artifical Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Analysis

Displays the violations committed at the time of the examination on the surveillance screen. on the surveillance screen

Artifical Intelligence

Second Screen Control

If a second device is detected after the user starts the test, the participant's participation will be terminated. if a second device is detected, the test taker's participation will be terminated.

Ai Proctoring

Monitoring with Camera

It has features such as monitoring at the time of the sending a message, stopping or ending the exam

Artifical Intelligence

Face and ID Check

It identifies and reports that a different person is taking the exam by comparing it with a photo on the identity of the examining users. by comparing it with the photo on the ID of the users who took the exam


Device Lock and External Application Shutdown

After the user takes the exam , only the application runs by closing the running external applications.

Take your supervisory skills to
the next level

Proctoring System

Proctoring System, is a reliable system that provides remote proctoring services.

  • Face/ID Verification
  • Object detection
  • Violation Analysis
  • Detection of leaving the exam area
  • Detection of multiple persons
  • Detailed AI reports
Solution Frame
Solution Frame

With Live Proctoring

With Live Proctoring, a supervisor can easily monitor the exam takers during the exam and intervene immediately.

  • Instant monitoring
  • Interactive communication
  • Instant exam photos
  • Safe browser
  • Mobile camera
  • Detailed AI reports

Frequently Asked Questions

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Proctoring refers to the supervision of an exam to ensure its integrity and fairness.
Proctoring is used to prevent cheating and ensure the validity of exam results.
The purpose of proctoring is to maintain the integrity and fairness of the exam process.
Types of proctoring include in-person and online proctoring.
Technical requirements for online proctoring may include a webcam, microphone, stable internet connection, and a compatible browser.
Equipment needed for online proctoring may include a computer, webcam, and stable internet connection.