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Badge and certification system is a product developed for the digital production and storage of badges and certificates that
will be given to successful individuals at the end of the processes carried out in the digital environment. It supports the
production of skill-based badges and competency-based certificates.

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Online Blockchain

Badge and Certificate System

Badge and certificates, Help institutions to issue badges and certificates by measuring a set of competencies. In this way, candidates can store and share their digital badges

Qulak Wallet

Store your badges and certificates with the Qulak Education Wallet. You can share your open badges and certificates as a digital CV.

Easy Blockchain

Institution Management

can create and manage badges and certifications.


Roles of Badge and Certification System


The provider is an organization that provides digital rosettes and certificates to recognize and validate skills, achievements and corporate experiences. You can identify all metadata, such as the rosette and certification system, the criteria for winning rosettes, verify that criteria are met, and give the rosettes to the recipient. school that provides digital badges and certificates to recognize and validate skills, achievements, and education experiences. With Qulak Badge and certification system you can define all metadata like the criteria for earning a badge , verifying that criteria have been met and you can issue the badge to the recipient.


System provides a visual representation of a person's skills, achievements, and


System hosts serve as a repository for the badges and certificates and allow users to manage, organize, and display their badges and certificates in a centralized location.


  • Issue Badges and Certificates

    System helps institutions to issue badges and certificates by measuring a set of competencies.

  • Prove Your Skills

    System helps candidates to prove their success. Government agencies and private firms can consider digital certificates and badges earned by s when recruiting

  • Earn Badges and Certificates

    Candidates can earn, store and share digital badges.

  • Create Digital CV

    System helps to share earned badges and certificates as digital CVs.

  • Verification and Storing

    Storing data and verifying third parties if needed.