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How an AI Supported Proctoring can improve your business ?

An AI Supported Proctoring can improve a business by automating routine tasks, making data-driven decisions, providing insights and predictions, and improving customer experiences.

Ensure Your Exam Security

Violations during the exam are detected by using various artificial intelligence-based methods. In this way, high-level security is controlled by the system.

Artifical Intelligence

AI Based Biometric Facial Recognition & Identification

With the help of facial recognition & identification, you can check whether the person who activates and the person who takes the exam are the same person.

Artificial Intelligence Analysis

You will now be able to see violations at the time of the exam on the surveillance screen

Online Artifical Intelligence
Artifical Intelligence

Monitoring with Camera & Microphone

Supervisors can easily monitor the people who take the exam during the exam and intervene immediately.

Artifical Intelligence

Automated & Live
Proctoring Capabilities

Automated Proctoring Solution

AI-powered, automated proctoring solution, easily conduct online assessments exams's, or certifications in a secure, scalable, and authenticated exam environment

Live Proctoring

You can now combine the power of Automated Proctoring Solution with human monitoring. Our highly trained proctors monito student's, intervene, and even terminate exams s, if necessary

Violation Analysis

Violation detections like face detection, phone usage, second person, head and eye tracking can be determined by the system and reported to the relevant supervisor.


  • Device Lock and External Application Shutdown

    After the user takes the Test , only the Test application runs by closing the running external applications.

  • Secure Browser

    Ensure the integrity of assessments, Tests, and certifications by preventing unauthorized access to the Test browser. Secure Browser, creates a secure Test environment that controls what functionality Test takers can access, such as screen recording, app switching, website browsing, and more. Easy integration abilities with other platforms.

  • Safeguard Data for Compliance

    Comply with global industry practices, such as GDPR, PDPA, CPPA, and more to protect exam taker data and privacy

  • Easily Integrate Test /Assessment Engines and LMSs

    Add proctoring capabilities to your LMS,Test engine, or Enrollment/Assessment tool with our plug-and-play functionality

  • Record & Review

    This fully automated, AI-enabled application tracks and records Test Test takers, and flags critical events. After the Test , assessment, or certification concludes, a professional proctor reviews and confirms any event flags before certifying the validity of the Test /assessment and authenticity of Test takers.

  • Protect Content and exam/assessment Integrity

    Secure assessments with our AI-powered solution offering multiple layers of authentication and fraud detection