Digital Badge and Certification Platform

The Qulak Digital Badge and Certificate system is a product developed for the digital production and storage of badges and certificates that will be given to successful individuals at the end of the processes carried out in the digital environment. It supports the production of skill-based badges and competency-based certificates.


With the Qulak Digital Badge and Certificate Management platform, all your records are stored and verified on a single platform

Badge Description

Description, criteria for getting, rules of use, storage, and validity.

Institution Management

Organization badge and certificate identification, management, approval, and validation

Verification and storing

Storing data and verifying third parties if needed

Certificate Description

Description, criteria for getting, rules of use, storage, and validity

Create digital CV

Sharing earned badges and certificates as digital CVs

Block chain Signing

Signing and verifying with etherium for international roaming

Who are we?

We are a family that gives confidence with the online exam in the education sector and is on the way to become a worldwide brand.

Digital Badge and Certification

  • 01

    Join the exam

    Participation in exams, interviews or tests organized by the relevant institution ensured.
  • 02

    Be successful

    Complete the assessment successfully by getting the minimum score according to the success categories and scoring classes determined by the institution in the exam.
  • 03

    Earn Certificate and Badge

    If you are successful in the exams or interviews organized by the institution, you will earn certificates and badges created specifically for the institution.