Digital Education and Gamification Application

Qulak education and gamification application is a gamification application in which people can test their knowledge according to their interests through the competition and evaluation system over the contents defined in the system, and in return, they can earn badges and points. The system can take questions from the Qulak exam system and serves as an independent platform.

Gamification and Competition

Education and training becomes fun with the Qulak Digital Gamification and Competition platform.

Skilled Based

24 competency-specific questions and exercises

Badge and Marks

Defining badges for achievements and earning points

Messaging and Interaction

Notifying with messaging, chat environment, and push message while having fun

Level Based

Gamification and competition-specific to each level with the level completion system

Game Rooms

One-on-one game and competition possibilities or room definition based on unit and ability

Award Management

Opportunity to convert earned points into money and rewards

Who are we?

We are a family that gives confidence with the online exam in the education sector and is on the way to become a worldwide brand.

Digital Education and Gamification Application

  • 01

    Prepare a competition

    A competition created on the desired subject and earning.
  • 02

    Participation in the competition

    Participation in the competition provides and the competition held under the control of a supervisor and in a safe manner.
  • 03

    Competition assessment

    The assessment of the competition done automatically. Violations detect and competitors who violate the rules eliminate.