About Us | Qulak Digital Learning & Assessments
KC TEK has been focusing on various areas of the IT sector since 1986, developing pioneering projects with its expert staff. Since 2019, KC TEK has been offering customized solutions in the field of educational technologies.

Founded with the aim of developing innovative software solutions, KC TEK is an innovative software company that produces artificial intelligence-based solutions for education and exam technologies, especially for public institutions and the private sector.

KC TEK has developed the "Qulak Digital Learning and Secure Exam" platform, which includes flexible solutions for the public and private sectors to train lifelong learners. It supports next-generation learning by bringing a new perspective to online learning technologies and aims to ensure security and fairness in the administration and assessment of exams. To this end, Qulak offers customized solutions such as Digital Badge and Certificate Platform, Artificial Intelligence Powered Secure Exam System, Digital Education and Gamification Application, Technical Exam Platform, Talent Platform, Proctoring Platform.

KC TEK believes that education should be accessible to everyone and learning activities should be digitized to keep up with the ever-changing world.

Its mission is to simplify learning, maintain assessment integrity, and support lifelong learning.