Our products

Qulak product family has been professionally prepared for the needs of different sectors by producing products specifically for the specified sector.


qexam enables you to prepare exams for an organization with all the stages in a single platform and helps you to prepare practical and quick exams and make accurate assessments and evaluations.


It enables the creation, store, and publication of micro-identities created as a result of training or assessments made on the Qulak digital learning platform.


qbank helps you to store all your educational content such as questions, videos, courses that you need in digital learning processes and to include them in the learning process.


It is a product developed for the verification and proctoring product of exams made over Qulak digital learning platform or exams made over LMSs such as Moddle, blackboard, Canvas.


It is the product developed for the purpose of the verification and identification process developed with 20 different artificial intelligence algorithms such as face and ID recognition.


It is an individually designed training and assessment and evaluation product for the candidate to acquire new subjects and skills by analyzing his/her previous training with a digital learning experience.

Safe Exam System


Adaptive Learning

Level is measured with adaptive exam.

Digital Badge And Certificate

Badges and certificates are collected as you progress on the roadmap that we have tailored for you.

Artificial Intelligence Defined Online Safe Exam

It works with image processing and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Advanced Question Management

It includes audio, video, multiple choice questions.

Live Tracking with Real-Time Tracking

Environment and sound control follow-up.

Assesment and evaluation

Examination report card, reports and results are received.