qAI, Violations during the exam can be detected by using various artificial intelligence-based methods. In this way, high-level security controlled by the system.

Our Artificial Intelligence Workspaces

Various unusual situations can be determined by qAI applications and report them as violation. These situations include, object detection, face detection, speech detection, head tracking and eye tracking prediction with artificial intelligence methods with high accuracy, face detection during the exam, turning off the camera, using the phone, second person, head and eye movement tracking and copying detection.

Artificial Intelligence violation Report

With the artificial intelligence violation report, you can view the violations of the candidate, in which question the violation happened, the photos and videos of the violation detected by artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Based Copy Detection by the System

Thanks to the applications developed with high accuracy of Artificial intelligence methods such as object detection, face detection, speech detection, head tracking and eye tracking estimation,  ​the following violations during the exam can be determined by the system and reported to the relevant supervisor:

  • Face not detected.
  • Phone use.
  • Second person.
  • Copy detection with head and eye movement tracking.​

Gibi birçok ihlal durumları sistem tarafından belirlenebilir ve ilgili gözetmene bildirilir. 

  • Object Detection

    Detection of multiple people, leaving the environment and phone usage
  • Face Mask Detection

    Mask detection for whether the face is covered or not
  • Face Detection

    Detection or non-detection of the face
  • Face Recognation

    Analysis of whether the person at the time of the exam is the same person
  • Speech Recognation

    Detection of sound and speech in the exam environment
  • Eye Tracking and Iris Detection

    Detection and tracking of eye movements
  • Head Pose Estimation

    Detection of head movements up, down, left and right
  • Obtaining OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Identity Data

    Obtaining information such as name, surname and TC (Turkish National) number in the ID.