qBadge, Helps institutions to issue badges and certificates by measuring a set of competencies. In this way, students and staff can store and share their digital badges.

Publish Badge and Certificate (issuer)

Institutions can create courses or exams to measure certain competencies and skills, and can issue certificates or badges to individuals who achieve the specified success rate in these exams. In addition to proving students’ achievements, government agencies and private companies can also consider digital certificates and badges earned by individuals when recruiting.


Earn Digital Badges and Certificates

With our easy and user-friendly interfaces, Individuals can choose the badge and certificate according to the qualification they want to earn from the badge and certificate categories, and they can earn badges and certificates by taking the relevant exam.

Qulak Education Wallet

Thanks to the digital wallet, individuals can store, view and share the certificates and badges they have earned. In this way, individuals can prove their competencies written on their resumes with these badges and certificates, add them to their social media and share them with the institution they want to work with.

By analyzing the badges that individuals have earned, certificates and badges offered, so that the individual can progress in their career path by earning these certificates and badges.

Dijital Rozet Meta VerileriaDigital Badge Metadata

  • Badge Name
  • Evidence of earning
  • Competencies earned
  • Issuing institution
  • Receiver information
  • Badge URL
  • creation date
  • The period of validity