Proctoring Platform

It creates a secure proctoring service of your institution's exams. Thanks to this service, Candidates' exam screen can be locked so that no action can be taken apart from the exam. Candidates can be monitored by the exam supervisor from their computers and mobile cameras. Some interventions can be made by sending warnings to the candidate's exam screen, by voice transmission or message. With these features, the qproctor product helps your institution to proctor your exams in the safest way.

Proctoring Exam

With Qulak digital exam security software, the entire exam process tracked instantly on a single platform

Artificial Intelligence Analysis

Seeing violations during the exam on the monitoring screen

Chatting with the Candidate

It provides instant messaging with exam participants.

Instant Exam Photo

It provides the opportunity to take a snapshot of the candidate during the exam at any time.

Talking with the Candidate

It offers the opportunity to chat with the candidate by voice and video during the exam.

Locking Candidate Screen

It allows the candidate to be locked on the screen during the exam.

Instant Monitoring

It provides instant live monitoring of candidate screens.

Who are we?

We are a family that gives confidence with the online exam in the education sector and is on the way to become a worldwide brand.