qexam, It is an online exam system that enables online exams to be carried out easily and securely thanks to its user-friendly interface, provides feedback by creating analysis reports thanks to its artificial intelligence-based modules, offers a flexible question preparation platform, and provides a high level of exam security thanks to its exam security modules. qexam provides information security standards with end-to-end encryption.

Prepare exams in a practical and easy ways

With its extensive features, user-friendly interface and safe exam option, it allows users to prepare online exams in the easiest ways. Various exam features can be set, such as returning to questions, giving offline exam rights, participating in the exam multiple times, assigning an exam appointment to the student, etc.

Güvenli Sınav

Safe Exam Option

In order to ensure exam security and greatly reduce cheating, qexam offers your institution a powerful exam system. The environment of the candidate taking the exam can be secured with some restrictions that can be turned on or off by the user. With its authentication, secure browser, camera and audio interventions and high security features, it enables the online exams held within the institution to be carried out in a more secure environment through an integrated platform.

Powerful assessments

Thanks to assessment and evaluation, teachers can obtain the results of the exams in the fastest and most accurate way. Students can identify the subject-earnings based deficiencies. Thanks to the exam result report, the student can see his/her own level and exam result.

Ölçme Değerlendirme

The candidate who take the exam can enter the exam after matching his/her face and ID card with the artificial intelligence algorithm.

Candidates can view their exams on the system and enter the exam easily. Violations during the safe exam reported to the examiner.

Candidates can take their exams from anywhere and within the specified timeframe via the online safe exam platform.

Detailed results obtained by assessing and evaluating results based on subject-earnings, so that the deficiencies easily detected.