Provides secure observation service for your exams. In this way, the supervisor can easily monitor the candidate who take the exam at the time of the exam and intervene immediately.

Institution structural design

  • Institutional structure hierarchy can be defined within the system.
  • Among this hierarchy, different connection models can be connected parametrically between user group, exam group, or participant groups.
  • Parameters for groups-specific variables can be defined on the system, and detailed reports can be obtained if requested.

Cheating & Justice

Shaking or not applying the justice concept in environments where cheating is used in online exams.

Onsite Training

Many people now want to receive training on-site and continuously. It is undesirable to waste time traveling for education. It is desired to save time and space.

Distance Education and Exam

All over the world, distance education and learning processes have shifted toward online education. The biggest need in distance education is exam security.

Pandemic Impact

During the pandemic period, all education and exam processes have turned into online education and exams. This need has led to an increase in traditional processes after the pandemic.

Proctoring service

It creates a secure supervision service of your institution’s exams. With many advanced features such as the following, qproctor helps your institution to supervise exams in the safest way:

  • Candidates’ exam screen can be locked so that no action can be taken apart from the exam.
  • Candidates can be monitored by the supervisor on their computer and mobile cameras.
  • Some interventions can be made by sending warnings to the candidate’s exam screen, by voice transmission or message.

Thanks to many advanced features such as these, qproctor helps your institution to supervise the exams in the best way.


Güvenli Sınav

Provided features

IP and location control

The user's IP and location information is recorded.

Face recognition

Photo comparison is made with the face recognition system.

Using Safe Browser

Exam procedures are done through the Qulak Exam system.

Multi-Screen Control

The use of the second screen and browser on computers of candidates participating in the examination is prohibited.


Authentication system is used to verify candidate’s ID.

Phone Usage

Phone usage is detected during the exam.

Determining number of entries

Determining how many times a candidate will take the exam.

Blank screen control

Leaving the computer is detected.

Student demands are responded instantly

If the student wants to make a demand, he can send a message to the supervisor from the exam screen. In this way, the communication that should be carried out without disturbing the exam duration and environment can be carried out between the student and the supervisor.