Safe Exam System

It offers all the verification and follow-up processes needed in online exam processes to be done securely using face recognition, ID recognition by utilizing 20 similar algorithms.

What is qexam

qexam It is an online exam system that enables online exams to be carried out easily and securely thanks to its user-friendly interface, provides feedback by creating analysis reports thanks to its artificial intelligence-based modules, offers a flexible question preparation platform, and provides a high level of exam security thanks to its exam security modules. qexam provides information security standards with end-to-end encryption.adır.

Online exam

With the remote exam system, you can safely perform all your exam processes online.

Question bank

With the rich question banks you create, you can create as many exams as you want by adding as many different types and numbers of questions as you want.

Safe Exam

You can perform safe exams without the need for any tool, with different security methods that you determine during the exam.


The achievements of the course topics defined in the system in detail based on questions, topics and courses, and you can access them in the form of a report when requested.
The qexam system is a dynamic system that eliminates the technical difficulties in the preparation and execution of online exams, solves the security needs experienced during the exam without the need for an additional source, provides feedback with artificial intelligence-based modules, manages the measurement and evaluation processes, and gathers all these processes under one roof.

Product features

The qexam system has the features of instant monitoring of users who have camera access during the exam, warning by sending a message when necessary, stopping or ending the exam.

The qexam system performs detailed frequency analysis of the sound information received from the devices of the users who took the exam at the time of the exam, detecting whether it belongs to different people and reports it.

The qexam system compares the photo taken at the time of participation in the exam with the photo on the ID of the users taking the exam, and detects that a different person has taken the exam and reports it.

The qexam system detects and reports whether the exam taken from different locations by obtaining the location information of the users who participated in the exam on the device they use

The qexam system automatically detects and reports whether the users taking the exam are using a mobile phone during the exam.

The qexam system detects the moments when the users who take the exam do not look at the screen of the device they use during the exam, and reports them.

Biz Kimiz?

Eğitim sektöründe online sınav ile güven veren ve dünya çapında bir marka olma yolunda ilerleyen bir aileyiz.

How Does the Safe Exam System Work?

  • 01

    Create exam

    The exam created with the Quick exam creation and secure exam creation options via the remote exam system.
  • 02

    Adding Questions to the Exam

    With the advanced question bank module, you can import question banks and create exam questions, as well as create exams in 11 different question types.
  • 03

    Assessment and evaluation

    Provides quick Assessment and evaluation of exam results.