AI-based Individual
Assessment & Learning Platform

Technological advancements are revolutionizing every aspect of our lives, including the way we assess and learn.
Thanks to these innovations, this process has become more accessible, interactive, and personalized therefor it.
Enables individuals to improve their skill set and empowers Organizations to address their workforce's Learning and development needs.

qIndividual Learning

Our 1Edtech Compliant Badge and Certificate Solution acts as a digital wallet where all your records are stored and verified. The platform also acts as a digital resume allowing you to showcase your skills. With the blockchain signing feature, the authenticity of the certificates can be proved for international transactions.

  • Allows individuals to manage their earned badges
  • Store badges and certificates in a digital wallet
  • Verify the authenticity of badges and certifications utilizing the blockchain
  • Create and share e-Portfolios seamlessly
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Hiring and training the right people can be a strenuous process, and employing unsuitable candidates for the job can
incur unnecessary costs to the Organization. Users can select predefined goals and pathways. For them, completing
each goal awards a badge, and certifications are issued upon completing the whole pathway process.

qIndividual Learning

Our adaptive Individual Talent Management Solution allows users to learn at their own pace. The adaptive model presents users with questions, goals, and pathways based on their proficiency and interest in a specific topic.

  • Create and customize individual learning paths
  • Learn, attend & be assessed only for what is required, thereby save time & resources
  • Adaptive assessment model based on user's proficiency
  • Customized Learning for individual career goals
  • Assigning customized training to areas that need improvement
  • Create your own curriculum
  • Educational design specific to individual Learning pace and style
  • Application-based enriched gamification
  • A progressive training model to effectively reinforce learning
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Do you believe standardized
assessments are not for everyone?

Our GDPR-compliant Assessment Solution enables you to conduct secure and adaptive assessments. It gives you phone and computer control on an OS level, along with access to security features, including ID and facial recognition, IP and Location check, and a secure online browser.

  • Readiness level assessment technology patented by
  • Ability to self-configure custom assessment scenarios based on specific parameters
  • Adaptive & pre-assigned exam support
  • 20+ broad question type
  • Configuration support
  • Offline and online assessment capability Interview scheduling support for successful candidates

CEFR Based Sign Languages

believes that there should be no barriers to Learning and development. Our Sign Language Assessment Solution
is specifically designed to assess people with hearing disabilities. Badges and certifications are awarded to successful
candidates that gives them the opportunity to be employed.

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It is a complete sign language exam solution developed under adaptive Learning standards. It measures four specific sign language skills and complies with CEFR standards.

  • Evaluate all levels of Sign Language Proficiency for Professional teaching certification
  • Comprehension section powered by adaptive assessment.
  • Video-based questions and multiple-choice features
  • Translators Scholarship candidates
  • Essay based questions managed separately in the system.
  • Sign language skills measured with AI technology supported with active computer camera.
  • Certification and badges issued upon successful completion.

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