Technical Exam Platform

Qulak Technical exam system provides technical exams and evaluation of individuals working in the field of technology during the recruitment process. Technical exams and automatic evaluation carried out over 70 different coding languages on the system. There are nearly 40 thousand field-specific questions on 65 different topics on the system.

Technical exam Management

Detailed exams and analysis requirements on a single platform with the Qulak Digital Technical Recruitment Management platform.

Cyber security

Candidates' knowledge levels can be measured by designing questions on the Range platform.

Skill Tests

Skill analysis and reporting of individual status

Personality Inventory

Individual-based goal instant analysis and comparison

General Ability Tests

Offering and completing skills-based training

Coding Tests

24 different approved roadmaps specific to competence

Foreign Language Tests

Skill-based progress tracking and reporting

Appointment Interview

Industry analytics and development data access

Who are we?

We are a family that gives confidence with the online exam in the education sector and is on the way to become a worldwide brand.

Technical Exam Platform

  • 01

    Create Technical Exam

    Technical exam, interview or test prepared by the institution.
  • 02

    Multiple Testing and Interview Environment

    Institutions can set up tests such as skill test, coding test, interview, foreign language test and aptitude test.
  • 03

    Assessment and evaluation

    Organized technical exams and tests can be evaluated automatically.