What are Qulak solutions?

Human Resources

The Technical Recruitment Management platform allows you to implement your exam and analysis requirements on a single platform by utilizing the competence management platform.

Digital Learning

With the new generation digital learning platform, Qulak provides continuity of development by identifying instructional management needs at all educational levels.

Safe Exams

The Qulak digital exam platform provides exam safety and proctoring exam needs using artificial intelligence on a single platform.

Next Generation Learning

Qulak offers a new generation learning experience with digital learning systems. It offers solutions for learning and assessment and evaluation processes thanks to the systems developed by adopting the changing and developing learning systems and standards in the world.

Qulak Digital Learning System provides a personalized assessment by analyzing the current levels of people in detail, helping people to focus on their target area of development and achieve success.

Our projects

1 Milion Employment Project

Within the scope of the career fairs organized by the presidential human resources office within the scope of 1 million employment projects, the technical exams of nearly 10000 students in 11 provinces were successfully completed.

Turkish language sign exam

The Turkish Sign Language Exam (Tidyes), which was conducted by the Ankara TÖMER exam center for the Ministry of Family and Social Services, has been successfully completed under the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

Anadolu University

The adaptive Turkish language proficiency exam project carried out within Anadolu University Faculty of Distance Education has been successfully completed.


The exams held for the recruitment of technical competence specialists for the recruitment of cyber security and network specialists to companies within NetGrup have been successfully completed.

Our solutions

Qulak product family has been professionally prepared for the needs of different sectors by producing products specifically for the specified sector.

Qulak Dijital Rozet ve Sertifika Platformu
Dijital Rozet ve Sertifika sistemi
Digital Badge and Certificate Platform
The Qulak Digital Badge and Certificate system is a product developed and stored in a digital environment. The badges and certificates will be given to successful individuals...
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Artificial Intelligence Based Safe Exam System
It offers all the verification and follow-up processes needed in online exam processes to be done securely using face and ID recognition by using 20 different algorithms...
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Qulak Eğitim ve Oyunlaştırma Uygulaması
Competition and Gamification Application
Qulak education and gamification application is an application in which people can test their knowledge according to their interests through the competition and evaluation system...
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Qulak İşe Alım Platformu
Qulak İşe Alım Platformu
Technical Exam Platform
Qulak Teknik recruitment system provides technical exams and evaluation of individuals working in the field of technology during the recruitment process. Technical exams and automatic assessments are carried out over 70 different coding languages on the system...
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Qulak Yetenek Platformu
Qulak Yetenek Platformu
Talent Platform
Qulak Talent Management system is a system that redirects the candidate from skill development to competency development used after implementing adaptive test with pathway and path architecture based on artificial intelligence prepared by the industry leader....
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Qulak Gözetmenlik Platformu
Qulak Gözetmenlik Platformu
Proctoring platform
Qulak exam safety system is supported by artificial intelligence in online exams, and it is ensured that the candidates who participate in the exam follow the exam environment and all their movements during the exam and report to the decision-makers.
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About Qulak

Qulak Digital education and learning system offer solutions for the design of a new learning system by analysing the gains and skills obtained from the training received so far.

The system supports the learning needs of all individuals and the assessment and evaluation processes of these needs with individualized learning support.

Our products

Qulak product family has been professionally prepared for the needs of different sectors by producing products specifically for the specified sector.


qexam enables you to prepare exams for an organization with all the stages in a single platform and helps you to prepare practical and quick exams and make accurate assessments and evaluations.


It enables the creation, store, and publication of micro-identities created as a result of training or assessments made on the Qulak digital learning platform.


qbank helps you to store all your educational content such as questions, videos, courses that you need in digital learning processes and to include them in the learning process.


It is a product developed for the verification and proctoring product of exams made over Qulak digital learning platform or exams made over LMSs such as Moddle, blackboard, Canvas.


It is the product developed for the purpose of the verification and identification process developed with 20 different artificial intelligence algorithms such as face and ID recognition.


It is an individually designed training and assessment and evaluation product for the candidate to acquire new subjects and skills by analyzing his/her previous training with a digital learning experience.
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