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Teachers can create quizzes much more easily and keep track of learner s' statistics much more easily. Exam Engine preparation engine allows teachers to prepare their exams accurately and on time.

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The adaptive exam engine, unlike the classic test design, allows learner's to customize the test according to the topics they learn. Thus, it ensures the adaptation of inquiries and questions specific to each learner

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It enables artificial intelligence algorithms to work in real time. These algorithms can be used in many different applications such as data analytics, voice recognition, image recognition, object recognition, text summarization.

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Live Stream Engine can be defined as a live broadcast system. Users can transmit video or audio broadcasts to their audience in real time. Live Stream Engine is compatible with a variety of devices and platforms, and the broadcast quality is high

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The Sign Language Exam measures speaking, listening, reading and writing skills using sign language. The exam assesses sign language speakers' ability to express themselves, their ability to understand sign language and their ability to write sign language. In the exam, participants answer questions using sign language and are assessed by examiners.

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The Blockchain Badge Engine is a system that uses blockchain technology to recognize qualifications or achievements in education or work. This system allows users to obtain and verify the authenticity of certificates called "badges" that recognize various educational or work-related qualifications and achievements.

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The Curriculum Engine is software designed for education and learning . This software makes it easy for teachers and educators to create and manage learning content. The Curriculum Engine has an interface to create learning content, where teachers and educators can define learning objectives, learning content, and learning activities according to their needs.

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