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Platform for Structuring, Conducting, and Grading

The online platform is designed for planning, administering and concluding an This platform saves time and energy by simplifying configuration, execution and grading.

Here is what Engine Offers

Functions included in software systems designed for creating, administering, and analyzing educational assessments. - repetition!

Easy Online Exam

Assessment Creation and Management

Management and customization of security levels and features upon creation of exam

Automated Grading and

Automatic grading of , generation of reports of detailed performance analysis.

Exam Engine
Online Exam

Security and Confidentiality

Secure delivery of , maintenance of integrity and confdentiality, and tracking of -taker activity during the

Easy Exam

Engine Features


Tools for designing and creating assessments and for purposes.

Grading and Analysis

Tools for measuring and analyzing exam-taker performance and progress in a exam learning

Secure Delivery

Measures to ensure the safe and protected delivery of learning materials and information in an online environment.


  • Increased accuracy and fairness in exam

    Grading test engines provides increased accuracy and fairness in test grading by using automated systems to grade

  • Improved security during the exam

    Improved security during the exam Test refers to measures taken to prevent cheating, manipulation or unauthorized access to Test materials and results, ensuring the integrity and fairness of the Test process.

  • Enhanced data tracking and analysis

    Enhanced data tracking and analysis refers to the use of technology and data management systems to gather, store, and analyze large amounts of data in order to gain insights and make informed decisions

  • Time-saving in the administration of exam

    Time-saving in the administration of exam refers to the reduction of the amount of time required to manage and run exam /assessments , from preparing and distributing test materials to grading and reporting results.

  • Flexibility in creating and administering exam

    Flexibility in creating and administering refers to the ability to easily create, modify and administer with minimal effort and time constraints.

  • Advanced Data Management and Organization Organization

    Data management is the process of obtaining, storing, organizing andining data generated and collected by a user. .